Integrative Trauma Recovery Intensive Retreat

Are you ready to reclaim your life after trauma?

Then join us in beautiful Taos New Mexico, USA October 24th - 26th 2019 for our next three day intensive retreat. During our six hours together each day you will learn tools that will enable you to:

  • Release distressing memories, flashbacks, feelings of numbness, worthlessness, and despair;
  • Leave behind hypervigilance, physical tension, and reactivity to environmental triggers;
  • Experience increased peace, joy, security and sound, restorative sleep.

What you'll learn each day

  • Day 1: The “hidden wisdom” and deep intelligence of PTSD symptoms.  Appreciating this aspect of symptoms sets the stage for releasing them. You’ll also learn and practice a yoga exercise for resetting parts of the body and brain damaged by trauma.
  • Day 2: Two powerful CBT tools to reshape the self-defeating beliefs that characterize PTSD. You'll also master a yoga practice our research and that of colleagues has demonstrated supports sound, peaceful, restorative sleep.
  • Day 3: Two additional CBT tools with which to shift PTSD’s negative thought patterns into positive, believable, life-enhancing thinking. You’ll also learn and practice a yoga sequence that releases physical stress, calms the body and restores physical and mental balance.

Our retreat offers a unique opportunity to learn and master a suite of powerful, integrative, self-help tools that support any person’s wellness. Many participants have been diagnosed with PTSD or would meet the criteria for this diagnosis.  Others would not quality for such a diagnosis yet struggle to put some traumatic event behind them. They might be experiencing insomnia, physical stress or difficulty regulating memories and emotions associated with some painful experience. Any and all such participants have benefited greatly from our program.

Throughout each day’s 6 hours of intensive instruction and practice you’ll have full access to both Dr. Staples and Mr. Mintie. Both of us will be available to answer your questions, help troubleshoot obstacles to your full recovery, and provide encouragement and support each step of the way.

While many psychotherapists attend our ITRP, the retreats themselves do not provide training in delivering integrative medicine, CBT or Kundalini yoga. We have other professional venues that therapists may access to receive consultation and training in developing these skills.

Our retreats do not provide individual or group psychotherapy, nor are they intended as a substitute for these.

Scenic overlook of the Rocky Mountains at dusk in Taos Valley, New Mexico

Ready to start your journey to wellness?
Join us at our next intensive retreat.

Price: $995

Retreat particulars and setting

The retreat begins at 9 a.m. Thursday morning and ends at  4:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Arrive early or stay a day or two afterwards and take in the rugged beauty of this 7000 foot mountain community. Visit Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, hike or bike many miles of national forest trails, experience local hot springs, or see the area's world-renowned galleries and studios. Enjoy watching the hot air balloons ascent in the mornings at this weekend of the annual Taos Mountain Balloon Rally.

Our retreat is limited to 20 people to ensure each participant has ample access to the facilitators.  Final admission is by private interview. Tuition includes all sessions and does not include hotel or meals.


The retreat will be held at the Sagebrush Inn. We have a block of "courtyard" rooms available at the special rate of $119 per night plus tax. You will receive a hotel reservation information when you register.

exterior of a santa fe cottage with orange adobe walls and blue door
group of people doing yoga warrior pose at studio

What Past Participants are Saying

“I feel both encouraged and empowered.”

Before this retreat I really struggled to find a way through PTSD. I found it amazing to connect so authentically with other participants. As a result I learned to accept myself and discover who I really am in ways I was too terrified to do prior to the retreat. Utilizing the yoga and CBT tools I lost my fear, healed myself and overcame my self-defeating beliefs. I feel both encouraged and empowered.

H.C. Albuquerque, NM

 “I’m leaving with gratitude and a plan of action to bring about real change in my life.”

The combination of identifying my pervasive negative thoughts and disputing them (the CBT tools) and clearing my mind of all thoughts (the yoga) gave a powerful one-two punch to the old story I’ve walked around with for years. I’m leaving with gratitude and a plan of action to bring about real change in my life, starting today! Thank you.

A.H. Portland, OR

"Thanks to the Integrative Trauma Recovery Program, trauma is no longer a way of life for me."  

S.F. Santa Fe, NM.

"The CBT and the yoga therapy practices are a wonderful gift.  I am deeply grateful."

E.K. Albuquerque, NM